Hyper Reality Experience

Tick Tock Unlock presents the next generation of immersive entertainment using Virtual Reality

What is Hyper Reality Experience?

Tick Tock Unlock brings you the UK’s first Hyper Reality Experience, merging virtual reality technology with physical sets and stage effects to create an incredibly immersive and unique experience. The hyper reality experience is a new type of entertainment and new way to explore different realities; it works by combining real-world physicality with video games, movies and stories. The hyper reality experience is suitable for anybody with a sense of adventure. It will be coming to the Leeds International Festival as a public installation at Trinity Leeds.

Theatrical & Immersive Experiences

It’s real, and yet it’s not, it’s hyper reality. A world within a world. You won't know where one reality ends and another begins. It creates these illusions using immersive and theatrical strategies, making you feel like you are part of something that’s actually happening.

Cutting Edge Technology

To create this world, we worked with the newest technology, technology that breaks boundaries. We knew what we wanted and what we needed to make it happen. We learnt, we experimented, we implemented - and now we have it.

Multisensory Environments

We’ve created an environment where all your senses are stimulated in order to entertain, motivate and immerse, where you’re not really sure what’s real and what isn’t. The hyper reality we’ve worked hard to create is about you, for you, to give you the most amazing experience you’ll ever have.

Open to All

Anybody with a sense of adventure and who’s ready to be acquainted with something new and exciting will enjoy our experience.

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